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This photographic publication is a ravishing ride of which includes a depth of artistic sensibility rarely seen. Sets of collections found within the pages give a tantalising glimpse into scenes like stills from classic cinema. Artistic and conceptual photographic collections such as; HER The photographic series. Then on to the slickness of LIVE photography. LIVE AND FIERCE photographs featuring well known Australian's from the iconic band Electric Fields and the dynamic performance duo The Huxley's.




'Ackroyd Curtis is a triple threat artist leading a trail blazing with talent.'  


The Age & Sydney Morning Herald


'Poetry of movement'- The Age, Sweat Exhibition, Midsumma Festival 2020


'With confidence and humour Martha Ackroyd Curtis' photography captures the drama of life', - ART / EDIT Magazine 2022


Victorian Pride Centre, Hares & Hyenas

Osborne and Fawkner

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