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'This immersive exhibition takes place across three separate experiences.

If you caught Martha Ackroyd Curtis’s delicate collection Her…The Photographic Series at this year’s Midsumma Festival, or saw her installation Bloody…The Exhibition…Let It Bleed at Meat Market in 2018, you’ll be familiar with this talented photographer, video and installation artist. Now Curtis presents her new exhibition She Sings. She Breathes. She Sighs. Best described as three interlinked shows, it starts with a room filled with photographic sculptures, '60s-inspired graphics and mind-bending optical illusions, and proceeds on to a series of spaces designed to create an emotional experience through visuals, sound or scale.' - SHE SINGS.SHE BREATHES. SHE SIGHS. Meat Market Melbourne

By: Polly Simons

Thursday September 26 2019

Forté Magazine  'get ready to do what you want to' - SHE SINGS. SHE BREATHES. SHE SIGHS, Meat Market, 2019

THE AGE & Sydney Morning Herald 'Poetry of movement'- Sweat Exhibition, Midsumma Festival 2020

Joy TV KERRIE AND DOLLY - 'It's great that something like this is coming out...'

'Book looks beautiful' Hello Titty Publication

RADIO ADELAIDE - 'It is time you said HELLO TITTY!'

Interview Radio Adelaide's Pride and Prejudice, Hello Titty Publication November 2020

'Let the words eat the paper' - Hello Titty Publication, A World Without Books Podcast Spotify 2021, California, USA

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