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The Pearl Prize 2024 - A Collection of Works by Queer Writers from Across Australia


Martha Ackroyd Curtis (Foreword by)

A QUEER BLOOM ON AUSTRALIA'S WRITING LANDSCAPE.The Pearl Prize is presented by Osborne and Fawkner Publishing and supported by Midsumma Festival. The theme of The Pearl Prize 2024 is A Brave(R) Space.Think about what bravery feels like to you and what creates a brave space. How have creatives, throughout queer history and in the present, presented their own take on bravery and fierceness.15 finalists were selected from across Australia. Their words within these pages, touch on lived experience, a little fantasy, and a lot of self-expression, from writers within the LGBTQIA+ community. So, open the pages and celebrate bravery, pride, and all of us gorgeous humans... just the way we are.

Foreword proudly written an contributed by Martha Ackroyd Curtis

Available Midsumma Festival online CLOSET, and Readings

Publisher Osborne and Fawkner, 2024

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